Adam, Do You Know came out on Dec. 9 and 10, 2018 after I learned of the passing of a dear friend, brother, colleague. If life is about smiling, and big bear hugs, and finding passion and adventure and friendship around every corner, then no one I know was more alive than Adam Delp. This song came out of my grieving, wanting Adam to know how much his friends and his family truly loved and cherished him. I wanted him to know how much I loved him. As you always said to me Adam. "Love wins."  Your song will never end.
Walked In - Walked Out was written in February, 2017. I had just spent 35 days in a trauma treatment center for CPTSD and was in the very first steps of rebuilding my life, literally, from scratch. I was starting over, and these words came out of me as I contemplated my time in treatment and the road ahead.
Written in October, 2017. I had lost everything. Family, relationships, community, career. Home. I was experiencing the chasms of deep loneliness and learning the hard lessons that come in the silence of being alone. I wanted someone, anyone to pay just a little attention to me. To ask me my name and listen to my story. This is how Know My Name was born. A simple song to play. Not so simple to live. Dedicated to anyone anywhere who has wandered into the dark night.
I've been taking acting classes with the Lea Marlene Acting studio for about a year or so. In October, 2018, the studio celebrated its 5 year anniversary and hosted a show which I was fortunate to participate in, along with some other great talents. The week before, I was practicing at home and these words came to me as I contemplated my year-long journey thus far into the art of acting. I was fortunate enough to perform the song at the close of the anniversary show. Much gratitude to Lea Marlene and all she does with her life and her students.  Seek and Find.
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